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About Lisa Bodenhausen, Your Life Journeys Specialist


It’s as if I was born to be a travel agent and certified concierge because my love for talking began early on. Don’t just take my 

word for it, however. I have this picture to prove it.

And, with my love of talking comes my love of building relationships with my clients-turned-friends. I truly delight in the details of your journey. Hence, the reason why I am what I like to call your Life Journeys Specialist.

Having built successful businesses over the past three decades, while also being a wife to my husband Brian and mom to four very busy children, I know that out-of-the-box ideas and special touches play an important role in making your journey a memorable one.

Though, sometimes, you might need a helping hand with that. And, that’s why I’m here. Ultimately, when it comes to working together to design an unforgettable vacation or surprise, I wear multiple hats so you don’t have to.

That way, you can get ready to countdown the number of months, weeks, and days until your vacation, while I pour myself into the planning and details of your trip to provide you with tailored experiences to create memories that will last a lifetime.


Ready to meet for coffee and chat about how I can do the planning for you? Here are some fun facts to get to know me better before we get started! Take a look and, in your note to me, let me know which one you think is false.

  1. We have two dogs—one named Bode (black lab) and another named Snickers (shitzu)—who like to hang out with me while I read in a rocker on our deck.
  2. My absolute FAVORITE thing to do is spend time with my family—whether it be at home or on the lake pike fishing.
  3. I love to cook, but I get so involved with my clients’ needs that I sometimes forget to take dinner out of the oven.
  4. I consider myself a phenomenal packer. I only take what I need and forget the rest!
  5. One thing I enjoy doing is surprising people. It’s fun for me to find out what’s important to someone and make it happen!
  6. When I’m not creating wonderful memories for my clients, I love meeting new people, and discovering their passion, their business, their cause; you name it. Then, connecting them to the “right people.” Helping others market themselves to achieve the success they deserve is a gift of mine and something I LOVE to do.
  7. I volunteer as a community and event coordinator for Horses & Heroes—a local organization that provides equine therapy to first responders, veterans, and their families.  
  8. My husband and I live on two acres of completely wooded land. I love listening to the early morning sounds of nature—especially the birds. Among my favorites are the three pairs of cardinals.