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What kind of concierge services do I offer, you ask? Think anything from the moment you’re ready to finally get away or plan a surprise—near or far—all the way through the moment you board the plane to head back home after a memorable trip. Yes, that’s right. Because of my passion for relationship-building and my expertise as a certified concierge, I am your go-to gal for taking care of everything in between those two points.

Ready to pop the question to your one and only? I would love to help you create that perfect moment. Or, are you ready to surprise someone with a retirement, promotion, anniversary, graduation, or award celebration? You bet I have you covered there, too!

I can also work with you to plan an entire date night or weekend away because, sometimes, you just need some one-on-one time. So, what does this involve? Think working together on a packing list, arranging care for your pets, shuttles to and from the airport, and so much more. But, don’t give me all the credit. After all, it’s you who “just made a few calls!”

Additionally, I’m a certified tourism ambassador for Kansas City. If you’re looking to entertain the grandkids for a full, fun day, but don’t know where to even begin, give me a call! I’d love to chat and get to work on planning extraordinary experiences and adventures for you.