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Did you know that, according to the Lighthouse Directory, there are more than 18,600 lighthouses worldwide?

Personally, I’ve loved lighthouses for decades! Not only are they beautiful, weathered structures, but they also hold a strong meaning. They’re the beacon of hope and direction, illuminating the course to a safe harbor. And, due to their ability to stand tall, they serve as a powerful light in the darkness, weathering any storms that may come their way. 

Therefore, they certainly serve as a wonderful example of how we all should live, day in and day out. At 5’2”, I will never be able to “stand tall.” What I am able to do, however, is dedicate each day to being a light for others.


Not only that, but my goal is to also gather photos from as many lighthouses as I can across the globe. So, if you share my love for these lone figures, send me your favorite lighthouse photos, along with the location and a note, sharing what you love the most about it.

Stay tuned as I add photos and fun facts on these beacons of light!