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Remember the day you and your spouse made a forever promise and said, “I Do”? The years have flown by ever since and you’ve created countless special moments with one another. But, maybe you’re feeling as if it’s time to say “I Still Do.” You’ve hit a milestone in your relationship, you’ve navigated your way through some of life’s ups and downs as a team, or you simply want to express your love for one another.

No matter what the reason may be, I’m here to take care of the details and help you celebrate your legacy as a couple. The options truly are endless—from the mountaintop to the beach, a “just us” intimate gathering to a family and friends event, and even church or group renewals!

Perhaps your church has a marriage and family ministry—even better! I work with pastors or lay leaders to create an extraordinary retreat and memorable ceremony where you hear these words, “You may kiss your bride...again!”